Budget Gaming PCs ($300-$599)

Cheap Custom Built Gaming PC

When it comes to gaming, there are specific computing needs that must be met. There are some PCs that are more powerful than others, bringing the gaming experience to a whole new level. However, to be able to enjoy and maximize game time, you don’t need a high end PC that is just too expensive for your budget. Cheap PCs are actually available in the market, and you can actually build a budget gaming PC that can fit your playing needs and still be easy on the pocket.

One of the considerations you should have for gaming are the minimum requirements. For instance, in terms of your processor, it should be cheap but powerful enough for game play. How about your video card? A budget gaming PC can suffice with a 256 MB video card. When choosing a hard drive, at least a 300GB would do. Your operating system should also be updated, and most recommendations would give Windows XP at the least.

Remember, maximizing your gaming experience does not have to be too costly. If you have the right info and the right specs, then you can get a cheap custom built PC that is a smart investment as well.